Ribbon Global

Creativity and Launch Campaign

Ribbon PLC is a digital financial services ‘super-app’, intended to offer hyper-personalised multi-currency wallets to NRIs as well as residents of India. Sustainability is the keystone of their organisation

Ribbon Global
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Our client needed to make its product known, a product focused on a very specific target audience, but with important needs to communicate its carbon neutral position.

They needed a campaign that would make clear to their customers their sustainable character and how their cards are 100% recycled.

Additionally the campaign needed local street marketing actions for positioning and recognition by consumers.


We create a campaign that creates impact, working with graphics that represent your sustainable commitment to the world.

The creative campaign was associated with street marketing actions and at points where customers could get to know the details of their product.

We also provided the tools for customers to recycle tokens that could be redeemed with their products, giving them a benefit for recycling.


The company acquired in the first days of launch a high volume of leads, and massive visits to the website.

Their exposure through the campaign increased the number of customers who started using Ribbon Global’s services and generated a high local impact.

A 100% carbon neutral fintec company.

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