Our Services

Corporate Identity & Branding

At The Bulb, we manage and build your brand through actions and purpose-built strategies that, combined with our values, will aim to create connections between your brand and your customers.
Helping to create brands that are ideas, identifieres, promises and assets is our passion.

Creative Campaigns

Devising and creating exclusive creative campaigns which are then specifically designed for, and executed through, a variety of different medias are vital for your brand. We create and execute these campaigns in a bespoke manner in order to achieve the objectives of your brand and reach your target audience, whether that be sale of products, sale of services or gaining notoriety, etc.

Product & Packaging Design

We also provide packaging and product designs that add immense value to your brand image. Not only this, but our designs have proven to be both durable and effective, to the point they are decisive in the final decision of our clients.

Illustration & Art

Through the use of drawing, art and design techniques, we create images/scenes that improve or otherwise enhance the image of a brand and its products.

Website Development

Designing, planning and managing web pages that respond to the needs and desires of either our clients or their users is another service we are proud to provide. From SEO optimisation to interface designs, we provide an exclusive and optimal experience for your business.

Audiovisual Production

We create content focused on audiovisual communication medias such as television or social networks. Examples of these include campaign videos, interviews and sports videos among others.

We're here to guide your brand.

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Companies that do cool things with us

We’d be nothing without our clients and for that reason alone they deserve to be lauded and celebrated. Big or small, we have a very special place in our heart for them all.