Infinity forum
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Infinity forum
event campaign


Ribbon Global


Graphics campaign

Ribbon Global are an innovative digital financial platform offering new ways for people to look after their money while looking after the planet. They provide a suite of products and financial services on an integrated platform and operate as a carbon neutral business. While their customers save, spend, travel and invest, Ribbon Global gives back to help protect Mother Earth. 

Ribbon Global attended the Infinity Forum in India in early December, one of the world’s most prestigious Fintech events, bringing together some of the best minds in the world of financial technology. They wanted a short promotional video that captured their brand and ethos that they could showcase at the Forum. Using our knowledge of modern design trends and branding, our creative team got to work and put together something energetic, fresh and bold that really encapsulated the values of environmental responsibility. We designed the graphics for their land, sea and sky elements and produced an attractive and engaging short video that represented the image Ribbon Global wanted to project for their brand. This will now form part of their initial advertising campaign

Take a look at this immersive video showing how Ribbon Global are investing in positive action for the planet as well as servicing their customers. 


Ribbon’s philosophy is about giving something back for each transaction. To counteract the devastating effects of deforestation, Ribbon will plant a tree for every transaction, helping to restore our global forests. 


Ribbon Global’s bank cards are made out of recycled ocean plastic. Every time a new customer orders a new card, it helps to divert plastic bottles away from the ocean and prevents plastic waste from building up in landfills. The process of making the cards is carbon neutral so all of Ribbon’s customers can now look after their money while looking after the planet. 


We need more oxygen and less CO2 in the atmosphere and Ribbon offer carbon-offsetting solutions for their customers. They will offset their customers’ carbon footprint when they travel providing counteractive measures for climate protection. Perfect for the discerning and environmentally conscious consumer.