Port Auxiliary Services

Rebranding and Guidelines

Communication at the service of innovation raises recognition and egagement with the target audience.

Rudo Pomade

After an impeccable track record and international expansion, PAS needed to have an image more appropriate to the markets in which it operates.

They needed an image that was clean and highlighted their seriousness and projection. It needed an image that would work in the different countries it operates in and that would adapt in a simple way to the media they needed. 

In addition, in this rebranding exercise they needed not only to improve their brand image, but also to adapt it to the initial and most important media, such as work clothes and website.


For us, simplicity was a key factor in the development, and that it brought the values we had shared with the client.

The marking should be easily adaptable to its supports and the Guideline should contain the necessary details for its correct application. All this led us to work on the key points of the brand from a holistic point of view that would cover its international exposure and the use of the Guidelines by different international companies. For us, their correct application was a key success factor.


PAS underwent an important change in its image but did not lose its essence.

This worked in the international markets and the details of its correct application were expanded, which facilitated our client’s exposure and strengthened its image.

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