The Lighthouse Concept

Helping Gibraltar to Shine as Bright as She Can

Here at Bulb HQ, we’re always striving to do something different. We try to create content that is a bit more diverse, engaging and stimulating conversations. We want to give our clients something to get excited about. 

Marketing strategies are one of the most vital parts of running a business. We believe that great branding starts with people. We want to stay connected to our clients, earn trust and listen to feedback.


The lighthouse concept that we created for our rebrand was built on all of these principles. 

We wanted to use the physical features of a lighthouse and the symbolic aspects to represent our brand and what we do for our clients. The suggestion that a new lighthouse was being built in Gibraltar would create intrigue and controversy and get people talking. We wanted to get people’s imaginations overflowing. In marketing, creating a little bit of mystery can help a brand, concept, or product stand out. Using unconventional and inventive tactics can lead to a significant increase in exposure for a brand. In the trade, this is known as guerilla marketing. Getting people talking and speculating creates word-of-mouth marketing. It’s better to be talked about than not talked about. We’re ready to capture the public’s attention in creative ways for both ourselves and our clients. 

We have documented our strategy. Creativity and originality are at the heart of it. Just like a lighthouse, we are a solution to a challenge. Just like a lighthouse, we provide confidence and peace of mind to those in charge of steering the ship. Amid storms and haze, a beacon of light emerges, illuminating and guiding you on the right course. This is what we do at The Bulb, just like a lighthouse. We want to help our clients shine as bright as they can. 

Through creative campaigns, innovative design and persuasive writing, we guide your brand. We don’t just create pretty graphics and fun videos and circulate information about our client’s products and services. We create content that penetrates people’s minds, arouses interest and stirs emotions. 


Content is king when it comes to entertaining, engaging and retaining clients. We help our customers to stay relevant in their respective markets. What separates good content from great content? The willingness to take a risk, be provocative and do things that others aren’t doing. At The Bulb, we produce original content, capture attention, and help our clients get noticed. 

The lighthouse concept is symbolic and is the centrepiece of our new brand. There’s something about a lighthouse that draws you to it: the simplicity, the steadiness, the reliability. To build one takes ingenuity, collaboration and rock-solid foundations. This is what The Bulb is built on. Our clients are like ships on the open sea, and our role is to help them navigate their way to success. We are guiding brands each and every day. Our very own lighthouse is as sold and as stoic as the Rock itself. So, get ready as we’re prepared to take Gibraltar by storm and help her shine even brighter. 


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