Shine Bright Like a Lighthouse

Helping Gibraltar to Shine as Bright as She Can

You may have noticed that we’ve been busy behind the scenes at Bulb HQ creating a new stellar brand that people will connect with and remember. We’ve taken time to craft a strong brand strategy that better reflects who we really are

After a period of steady growth, we’re redefining next-generation marketing and innovation and producing a fresh modern image that encapsulates our vision, mission and values. Amidst a crowded marketing scene, we are shining brighter than ever before. We’re illuminating the path to success for our clients and casting new light on Gibraltar’s marketing scene, all while ensuring we continually deliver, even better than before. For us, it’s as much about who we are as it is about what we do. 

No one succeeds alone. We are a family here at The Bulb and each one of our talented team members is a brand ambassador. We’re all really excited about the changes to our image and how this enhances our ethos and culture. Our brand is an extension of who we are, and we are like no one else. How people experience and interact with us is a fundamental part of our branding, and we own that! Jeff Bezos famously said, “branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” We believe that quality in terms of service is not what we put into it but what our clients get out of it. 

We’re thinking more than ever about new tools, resources, and behaviours that will enable our success and help us continually deliver, even better than before, for our clients. There’s increasing importance in modern marketing of the human connection. We’re looking at new ways to build on that to differentiate and distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We’re making lasting and emotional connections. Through our passion, effort and ambition, we strive to shine the brightest and not just to be better, but to be the best for our clients and for Gibraltar. 

We have a new image, a brand new website and some new marketing collateral. There’s a real buzz around Bulb HQ at the moment. We are making things happen and getting people excited about what we can offer. Our new logo is based on the concept of a lighthouse that represents a pillar of stability, reliability and trust. This messaging really captures our spirit. Our lighthouse at Europa Point is an iconic feature in Gibraltar, and we want our brand to be the same. Our clients come on a journey with us. We help them define and understand their needs and the needs of their customers, prime a preference for our client’s brand and deliver ideas, creativity and content that resonates. For us, it’s about creating trust and long-term relationships that provide value. 

There will be a lot more cool content, blogs, and features coming soon, so watch this space. The lights are on, and we’re definitely home! 

We’ll leave you with one of our favourite quotes from marketing guru Joe Chernov

“Good marketing can make our company look smart, but great marketing makes our customers feel smart.” Trust in the power of the light to guide you home.