Branding, Advertising, packaging, Website Design & POS


Rudo Pomade


Brand creation
Mascot for the brand creation
Market analysis
Online + offline campaigns
Creation of merchandising for the brand

We were faced with launching this premium hair pomade brand for men and we made them look super slick.

Inspired by the ’50s, we created a strong Rockabilly visual style brand that carried through everything from packaging design to comms.


We had to accurately represent the attitude of the brand within an image, and for this, we produced an engraved style bulldog sporting a toupee with overlaid layers of different ink styles. 



It was essential that the Rockabilly character was reflected in everything the brand launched.

With this in mind we selected models that fit within the brand image that were selected based on style and attitude.

We applied the same mindset when it came to deciding what styles of photos to produce.

Product & Packaging

The packaging is a vital component of any product and for Rudo Pomade we opted to produce an aluminium-coloured can which featured brand printing on the lid.


We looked to maximise the outreach to our target audience, such as barber shops, and opted to advertise directly to them. Through our advertising strategy, within 6 months of launch, the brand became well known and was in use throughout Spain, Europe and the United States.