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We’re very proud to be Gibraltarians, the Rock is our home, and that’s why it’s at the very heart of our agency’s vision statement.

Our vision is to guide businesses to a better tomorrow by ensuring The Bulb is the leading local force in marketing, creative services and digital solutions.

Our Vision

  1. To lead Gibraltar to a better tomorrow by helping its businesses to thrive both at home and abroad.
  1. To make The Bulb the destination agency for marketing, creative service and marketing solutions for business in Gibraltar and the surrounding area.
  1. To bring the very best in marketing, creative services and digital solutions to businesses in Gibraltar’s and beyond.
  1. To support our client to grow and succeed, while building a better tomorrow for Gibraltar.
  1. To enable the business community both home and abroad to fulfil their potential while at the same time working towards a better Gibraltar for us all.


We never want to forget what it is we get up every morning to do. Here’s our mission and the promise we make to all our clients.

We create marketing, creative and digital custom-based solutions for businesses.  Our team will take care of our clients and develop relationships that foster growth and improve our services.

  1. To offer the very best marketing, creative and digital custom-based solution to our clients grow beyond what they thought was possible
  1. To work closely with our clients so as to understand their needs better in order to provide the very best marketing, creative and digital solutions possible.
  1. To grow our client’s business beyond their expectations by investing the time to offer bespoke marketing, creative and digital solutions
  1. To never stop improving the results we get for our clients via our expertise in marketing, creative and digital custom based solutions. While having fun doing it.

Our Values

Despite being an agency of unique, individual talents, we all come together when it comes to what’s important:

We are passionate. We value relationships, knowing that we only succeed when our clients do.

We strive to know your business. It’s only by understanding your business can we offer the best solutions.

We are ethical. Aiming to be decent and do good, every time and everywhere we find ourselves.

We are creative. Believing in great ideas is a sure-fire way to deliver on targets.

We are fun to work with and open to new ideas, but that doesn’t mean we’re not serious about results.

We are here to serve you. Without you, we haven’t got an agency. So, expect us to go above and beyond at all time.

We respect each other. Always. There’s just no other way to run the workplace.

Our Team

Dylan Trenado

Founder & C.E.O | I’m one of those annoying people who jump out of bed in the morning and can’t wait to get to the office. Every day is full of the challenges, fun and the unexpected. I probably shouldn’t admit it here, but I would do what I do, even if I didn’t get paid to do it.

Alex Muñoz

Operations & Projects | Known as the agency’s very own Troy McClure (if you’re a Simpson’s fan you’ll understand) there’s not much I haven’t had experience in, particularly in the travel and tourism industries. I’m also very proud to stand before you and say, yes, I am a geek when it comes to all things tech.

Pablo Diez

Creative and Art Direction | Our head of creative who has amassed over 15 years worth of experience creating brands and working in advertising. In that time Pablo has learnt two essential things; Brilliant ideas come about through collaboration and creativity is best fuelled by great rock music – “ideally played loud.”

Claudia Valenzuela

Creative Executive | I feel blessed to be working in such a creative environment, where great ideas get turned into great campaigns that take brands forward. Creativity is everywhere, you just need to know where to look. Head down, music on, work hard!

Louise Rodriguez

Marketing Executive | A fashion, beauty and travel enthusiast with a degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising. Louise thoroughly enjoys being part of a creative team, coming up with concepts collectively and seeing them evolve through to final implementation.

Vera Leiria

Admin & Accounts | Vera is The Bulb’s very own Portugese Army Knife. A mum both at home and in the office, she keeps this ship afloat, which is very apt considering she enjoys her time off boating back to Portugal to spend time with her family.

Matthew Ramirez

Content Creator | With a both a Degree and a Masters in journalism, as well as experience working for Liverpool FC, Everton FC and Capital FM, Matthew is the sports specialist in the office. Always able to make the team laugh, Matt understands the value of having a good team spirit in the office environment. 

Frank Scalici

Photographer & Videographer | Our very own Spielberg, Frank can regularly be seen around Gibraltar with a gimbal and camera in hand. A photographer in his free time, as well as an avid jogger and hiker, Frank is one of those people who does what he loves for a living.

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